Bag of Lodging

A bag with a small apartment inside


This bag appears to be an ordinary cloth sack, two feet wide and four feet high, and has a leather cord for tying the sack closed.

Once the proper command word is spoken, the bag of lodging opens for 10 minutes before its cord magically knots itself, sealing the opening until the command word is spoken again (from either outside or inside the bag). When opened, the “mouth” of the bag expands to five feet in diameter.

The extradimensional space inside a bag of lodging consists of 6 rooms. The rooms are 15 feet high, and comes complete with an unseen servant who prepares three meals per day. The meals are enough to feed 6 people.

The meals are:

Breakfast – stuffed meat pastries, with goat’s milk
Lunch – Mutton Stew and tea
Dinner – Venison, with stewed vegetables and wine.

The meals appear at sunrise for breakfast, Noon for lunch, and sunset for dinner. The food appears as a Create Food and Water spell, lasts one hour, and then is cleaned by the Unseen servant.

The bag appears empty from the outside if there are no living creatures within. (Undead and magical constructs such as golems are not considered living creatures). However, if the bag is occupied by one or more living creatures, it appears half full of some bulky material and weighs 10 pounds per creature inside, up to 60 pounds maximum.

The bag and its cord cannot be broken by sheer strength; they must be cut by an edged weapon. Cutting through the sack or the rope destroys the magic of the bag, and all creatures and items in the sack are cast into the Astral Plane.



Little is known about the bag, and there is no indication inside as to who the creator or original owner was.

Bag of Lodging

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