Besilmer was a dwarven realm in the hills of the valley of the River Dessarin. Its sign was a wheel over a plow.

The realm extended from the Westwood, through Ironford, and as far east as the High Forest, although in Besilmer’s time, the High Forest extended further westward than in current day. The northern edge of the realm was at the town of Caddarak, which, in 1368 DR, was only survived by Darthurn, and ran west along the hills south of Yartar, to Tsordvudd.

Although the realm to the modern day, two of its buildings did: the Stone Bridge and the Halls of the Hunting Axe.

Besilmer was founded in -4420 DR by Torhild Flametongue and his dwarves. They split from Delzoun believing that life underground was a matter of concern, and they should live under the sky. They founded the realm above ground, in the belief that while dwarves created mines underground, they would be beleaguered as a race. Besilmer’s aim was therefore to form a stable farming community and to prosper in building, inventing and repairs.

Besilmer was attacked each year by trolls from the Evermoors, but the dwarves fought them off. Because the realm was unfortified, it became an attractive target for creatures such as giants and wolves. Torhild, the realm’s founder, was killed in one-on-one combat with a hill giant at Stone Bridge, and the realm was plundered by its enemies. The inhabitants fled south to join the Fallen Kingdom. The kingdom itself fell in -4160 DR.

The Halls of the Hunting Axe were occupied by dwarves from Delzoun for around forty years, but in the end, the combination of cold winters, orcs and wolves proved to be too much for them.

In modern day, the only parts of Besilmer to remain were the Stone Bridge and the Halls of the Hunting Axe. Besilmer’s sign could also be found, on some rocks at Ironford, on the Stone Bridge, and in a few places in the Sumber Hills.


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