The Delegation is a large caravan travelling from Mirabar to Waterdeep. Officially it is a show of strength by the Lord’s Alliance, but it also a diplomatic envoy to attempt to bring more cities into the fold of the Alliance, and to reach out to current Alliance members.

Delegation Leadership

There are four leaders of the Delegation.

Bruldenthar: A shield dwarf historian who was transporting his collection of manuscripts to Waterdeep.
Teresiel: A moon elf from Silverymoon.
Rhundorth: A shield dwarf from Mirabar.
Deseyna Norvael: A noble from Waterdeep.

Delegation makeup

In addition to the 4 leaders, the delegation is made up of:

  • 4 wagons carrying supplies, gold, and various other items.
  • 20 guards, 8 of which are mounted.
  • Several craftsman, artisans, and workers hoping to sell some of their wares along the way.

Delegation journey

Tarsakh 1 – The Delegation Leaves Mirabar
Tarsakh 10 – Delegation Arrives in Longsaddle
Tarsakh 20 – Delegation Arrives in Triboar
Mirtul 1 – Delegation Seen in Beliard


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