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General Information

We are playing 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Characters may be built using the Player’s Handbook, Volo’s Guide to Monsters (for the player character races there) and the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. Some races from Elemental Evil are also available.

Party Members

Angiris Greymane – Tabaxi Rogue
Mirken Goldenleaf – Gnome Druid
Mist – Tabaxi Alchemist
Telorian Paravel – Aasimar Paladin
Thorrum Brightforge – Dwarven Mage

Out of Character Information

Anything pertaining to the game, that isn’t known directly by the characters.

Races | Classes | Feats | Backgrounds | Character Creation
Downtimes | House Rules

In Character Information

This is information the Characters have knowledge of. The campaign begins with the players finding themselves in the town of Red Larch, on the eve of the Festival of Greengrass. Each character comes to Red Larch for their own reasons, but the primary thought on their mind is the arrival of a delegation from Mirabar, far to the north.

Greengrass | Delegation

Character Sheets

Official 5th Edition Character sheets – This is your basic print it and fill it out sheet from Wizards. It has space for all the information you need, and is the basic one size fits all option.
Forged Anvil - This is an excel sheet that's a little complicated, but looks VERY nice, and has a lot of information for you. It may be too complicated for beginners, but it's the one I prefer. 

Helpful Websites

5e Resources – Lots of resources for 5th Edition, all in one place.
11 Ways to be a Better Roleplayer – Excellent advice on roleplaying.
How to write a character background – Some basic advice for a good background.
How to make your DM love you - Good advice on Table Etiquette.

18-ish D&D Character Backstory Questions – A good guide on what your backstory should have.

Main Page

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