Language is varied and diverse in Faerun. Below is a list of languages that are commonly spoken.  In the North, the most common language is Chondathan. It is assumed you're speaking in that language, unless otherwise stated.

These are the most common languages that will be encountered in the game. 

  • Common, which is pidgin Chondathan and is only useful for very basic conversation.
  • Chondathan, the most common language in the west. 
  • Illuskan, The speech of the north-eastern native peoples
  • Daraktan is orc speech
  • Espruar is Elvish.
  • Luiric - Spoken by Halflings.
  • Shantan is the language of the Dwarves of the North
  • Bothii is a language spoken by the Uthgardt Barbarian Tribes

These are other Regional languages that might be spoken but are very uncommon

  • Calishite – The language of Calimshan, far to the south
  • Damaran - The language of the Bloodstone Lands
  • Durpari - The language spoken in Southern Faerun, south of the Sea of Fallen Stars
  • Ghukliak is the language of goblins
  • Jotunhaug is a language of the giants
  • Kurit is the dialect of the arctic dwarves who live north of the spine of the world
  • Lantanese - The language of the gnomes of Lantan
  • Maztican - The language of Maztica (Free for Tabaxi)
  • Mulan - The predominant language of the eastern Sea of Fallen Stars
  • Netherese - The language of Halrua and the southern states
  • Rashemi - The language of Rasheman
  • Reghedjic - The language the north central glacial barbarians speak 
  • Serusan    - The language of underwater races, such as the Merfolk and the Sauhagin
  • Tethyrian - The language of Tethyr on the southern sword coast
  • Uluik is the language of the ten towns and the hunters north of the spine
  • Yipyak is the language of kobolds and dragon servitors
  • Zakharan - The language of Zakhara far to the south

These are ancient languages, and are only encountered in tombs and ancient tomes.

  • Aragrakh, The ancient forgotten language of dragons
  • Imaskari, Long dead human script
  • Hamarfae, Long dead elven script

Finally, These Languages are special obscure languages that are still used, but are encountered only rarely. They are primarily spoken on plane

  • Celestial The language of the upper planes and "good" gods
  • Infernal The language of Devils and "evil" gods
  • Abyssal The language of Demons
  • Primordial The language of Elementals
  • Shadowcant The language of the Shadowfell
  • Sylvan The language of the Feywild

Additionally, there are some languages that are truly rare. These languages are exceptional, and require approval to learn. They are taught only on very rare occasions.

  • The Cant – Spoken only by Thieves
  • Druidic - The secret language of Druids
  • Iokharic is the language of Dragons.
  • Gnim is the gnomish language of research and acedemia
  • Ruathlek is a secret illusionist script.

Conversion Chart

If you're unsure what language your character speaks from the Player's Handbook, here is a guide.

PH Language Realms Equivalent
Common Common
Dwarvish Shantan
Elvish Espruar
Giant Jotunhaug
Gnomish Lantanese
Goblin Ghukliak
Halfling Luiric
Orc Daraktan
Draconic Yipyak



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